What is Mogan?

Mogan is a video game based method for teaching emotional intelligence and preventing violence at schools.

The main character, Kuti An, takes kids on a journey where they have to solve some tricky ethical, social and emotional dilemmas that develop kids’ abilities to succeed in classroom, working life, and life in the 21st century.

Mogan is designed for classrooms with kids at ages 8-16.

Prevent violence in the schools, teach emotional intelligence and transform classrooms with Kuti An and other Mogan characters

Prevents violence at schools

Helps to raise ethical citizens

Develops emotional intelligence

Allows teachers to focus on teaching

Not just a game

Mogan is a comprehensive program consisting of a video game, reporting, reflection and teacher training.

PC game

Players help Kuti An, the main character with a misfortunate past, to solve ethical, social and emotional dilemmas.

Based on the choices, Kuti An may grow from a girl to an emotionally strong and successful woman.

Online training for teachers

Our psychologists and education experts guide teachers in incorporating emotional intelligence and peaceful conflict resolution in their everyday teaching.

Anonymous reports

Help teachers understand the choices kids made in the game.

Chatbot (coming later)

Facilitates pupils’ personal reflection after and between video game sessions. Mogan Chatbot will be available in future versions of Mogan.

Classroom discussions

Expert-designed sessions to reflect the social, emotional and ethical themes of the game.


Inspired by Gandhi

Mogan is inspired by the wisdom and ethics of Mohandas Gandhi, the Mahatma.


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